CIDE – JAPAN 2013: "Internationalization of Higher Education in Japan and the U.S."

CIDE – Japan Conference

Meeting Info


Internationalization of Education in Comparative Perspective: Focusing on Japan and the United States

Conference Room: 11360 Young Research Library UCLA

Date and Time: June 5th Wednesday, 10:00AM–4:30PM

10:00–10:30 Light refreshments
10:30-10:45 Welcome: Opening Remarks by Dr. Marcelo Suárez & Orozco and Dr. Val Rust
11:15-11:30 QA
Panel 1: Dr. Reiko Yamada (Doshisha University)
"Japanese Higher Education Policy in the Globalization Era: Structural Transformation to Adapt to Internationalization Movement"
12:00-12:15 QA
Panel 2: Dr. Tomoyoshi Inoue (Doshisha University)
"Language problems and psychological issues international students experience in Japanese colleges and universities: A case of Doshisha University"
12:15-1:15 Lunch Break
1:45-2:00 QA
Panel 3: Dr. Gary Rhodes (UCLA)
"University Student Mobility Issues in Comparative Perspective: Issues, Challenges, and Opportunities for Study Abroad by U.S. Students in Japan"
2:30-2:45 QA
Panel 4: Dr. Val Rust (UCLA)
"Internationalization in the United States: Is it really Internationalizing?"
2:45-3:00 Break Time
"Other Japanese internationalization strategies: JGSAU, Japanese Graduate Student Association in the US"
"Commentary on the transition from spring to fall admission: A case study at the University of Tokyo"
Discussion from the floor
Closing remarks

*Beverages are provided

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