CIES 2013 Western Regional Conference

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Visa Information

The information provided here is intended to assist participants who need to obtain a visa to attend the conference and is not an official invitation to cover fees and/or any other expenses or financial support for obtaining a visa. CIES cannot be held responsible for travelers that do not confirm their visa requirements or obtain it. We strongly advise non-U.S. citizens, who need visas to start the application process as early as possible. Below, please find some recommended links:

  • The best source for the specifics on the visa process in a particular geographic region is the US embassy or consulate in that locale, as the decision-making authority for any visa application lies solely with the consular officer abroad. You may find the appropriate embassy's or consulate's website via U.S. Department of State: Find a U.S. Embassy.
  • Department of State's website at:
  • This site also provides additional information on procedures, including how to schedule an interview appointment, pay fees, and much more.

International Travel Tips

For international attendees, THERE ARE REQUIREMENTS YOU MUST MEET TO ENTER UNITED STATES. This information will help you avoid problems that can affect your plans to attend the CIES Western Regional Conference 2013. Please note: We cannot initiate or expedite visas. Please see the information below for the detail:

  1. Citizens of foreign countries (Not U.S. citizens, NOT U.S. permanent residents) must generally obtain a nonimmigrant visa for temporary stay in the U.S. For general information regarding visas and entry requirements please visit For general visa questions you may have, you can visit:
  2. Citizens of certain countries are permitted to travel to U.S. without visa with certain requirements must be met. For information the detail of travel without visa please visit
  3. Visa application and interview are processed in your home country. To locate the U.S. Embassy in your country for visa application and interview please visit
  4. The purpose of the travel determines what type of visa is applied. For types of visa for temporary visitor please visit:

The meeting attendees may indicate the purpose of their visit to U.S. as traveling to attend a conference/meeting. Please apply the visa early. The processing time may vary based on individual cases. Upon entry to U.S., the U.S. visitors will need to clear customs and immigration.

Questions and Contact Information:

If you should have any questions, please send a message to the conference committee at Thank you.