Message from Director

The Center from International and Development Education (CIDE) in the Graduate School of Education and Information Studies at UCLA houses research and development projects related to the broad issues of international education, and strives to become the leading center on international education research.

The Center's goals are to improve education, provide cutting edge research on international and development education issues, and place faculty and students in key positions where they can influence the world for good. To attain these goals, CIDE relies greatly on the administrative leadership and international expertise of its directors, staff, and affiliated faculty. Each person provides the necessary skills and talents to manage the overall operations of CIDE's various development projects.

Our mission, to serve as a training center for students interested in international and development issues. We intend to provide quality information on these issues and help make CIDE a leader in the international education field. We strive to create an academic environment in which outstanding scholars, policy makers, practitioners, and students from around the world are continually challenged and inspired to produce their best possible work. I am pleased to introduce you to the Center.