Program Objectives

CIDE will carry out the following activities:

  1. Hold an annual Speaker Series where invited speakers will come to UCLA each quarter to address faculty and students in an informal setting on a topic that is at the cutting edge and of international concern.
  2. Organize a quarterly Colloquium Series on various topics of international concern for advanced graduate students and faculty.
  3. Continue our work in comparative higher education reform and exchanges.
  4. Develop and maintain a quarterly CIDE Newsletter that would be on the web and circulated through hard copy to our colleagues and institutions in the US and abroad to inform them of the work of GSEIS on international topics.
  5. Co-sponsor other international activities as appropriate with our colleagues in the GSEIS and across campus.
  6. Establish a network of international and development educators, faculty, professionals, researchers, practitioners, and organizations.
  7. Serve as an infrastructure to seek extramural funds for research and development activities on international topics.
  8. Organize conferences related to specific international topics and professional organizations.