The Center offers the following services to individuals, groups and organizations:

  • Networking: Our website, serves as an electronic, worldwide marketplace, connecting those who want to learn about international education issues and get involved with development projects that match their interests.
  • Information Sharing: We compile and make available information from other organizations, from educational institutions, and from the field that aid in our efforts to understand educational change and development.
  • Education: We provide resources and expertise to education researchers and practitioners that include a website, publications, higher education database, conferences, and access to content experts.
  • Facilitation: CIDE acts as a network headquarters by facilitating interaction between development minded individuals, academics, organizations and projects.
  • Evaluation: We seek out effective methods of providing information on education and development issues by promoting best practices, incubating new ideas, and researching effective strategies.
  • Coordination: We assist the coordination between international education research and development organizations and projects.