1.What are they for?

Shock absorbers fulil an essential role, they improve roadholding due to unbroken

contact between the wheel and the ground, lessen impacts caused by bumps in the

road, and prevent premature wear to numerous parts of the vehicle, finally maintain

your comfort, safety.

2. Diagnosis of shock absorber related problems.

Being a part in constant motion, numerous components of the shock absorbers 

are subjected to friction, leading to ageing. It is also prone to wear and tear 

caused by outside agents such as salt, water and gravel. Visual signs that a 

shock absorber needs replacing: Damaged mountings, deterioration of bushing and 

pins, deterioration of piston rod, oil loss, and uneven tyre wear etc. Dynamic signs 

that a shock absorber also needs replacing: Continuous vibration(excessive roll, 

pitch, hunting), increase braking distance, loss of steering power, reduced cornering 

speed, greater dipping of the front when breaking etc.



3. Replacement of shock absorbers.

   Basic measures to be taken:

   .Install the shock absorbers recommended for your vehicle.

   .Always replace both shock absorbers on the same axle, and if possible, 

    all four in order to avoid front/rear imbalance.

   .Changing the shock absorbers requires special tools, It is recommended 

    that you consult a professional.


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