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Auto parts monopoly was broken vascular place on "Sunshine aftermarket"

Auto parts monopoly was broken comprehensive auto repair business, the upgrading

Many users have such doubts. "Each 4S shop repair price is not the same, there is no uniform standard?" "4S shop maintenance much more expensive than a comprehensive auto repair shops, auto parts ensures their original originals must be what?" 4S shop car repair high cost, in their choice of vehicle maintenance is often due to insufficient understanding into confusion. 2014 National 10 ministries jointly issued the "Guiding Opinions on Promoting the automotive repair industry to upgrade and improve service quality" and issued "guidance", will break the automotive repair industry technology and accessories monopolized 4S shops and OEMs pattern .

余迎春 said in an interview, after "guidance" issued Nanjing automobile repair industry, management will start by guiding the chain of auto 4S repair business, a comprehensive repair guide the upgrading of enterprises, and encourage enterprises to diversify fast repair three two aspects. Especially in terms of comprehensive auto repair business, we will increase investment from the corporate image, work environment, quality of personnel, equipment maintenance, etc., to enhance their market competitiveness.

Sunshine Auto Repair form of lively, vehicle maintenance but also the credibility assessment

Automotive industry in recent years around the "sunshine aftermarket" as the theme, aftermarket service classes offered every Friday radio show, held every year "sunshine aftermarket" five entered, the "car repair Forum" and other activities, while making publicity and animated, lively form, methods varied, so that "the sun aftermarket" deeper Nanjing majority of users.

When choose which car repair service companies? Lu Zhonghua tell you a little trick. Year industry management department awarding the enterprise, everyone in the car maintenance, pay attention to three aspects. The first to see whether the company has the traffic department issued motor vehicle repair business license, confirm the business qualification and business scope; the second option, the repair quality reputable auto repair business; third more choice to compare several auto repair business , so shop around. Do not repair a motor vehicle without license and without appropriate maintenance of quality of service companies for maintenance, repair quality can not be guaranteed, the legitimate interests of the owners also vulnerable.

Keep vehicles such as cars idle not open more health damage

Many private car parking spaces to buy a car is accounted for, stop in that place a stop three months. Tian dimension with to tell you that our car tires carrying the weight of the body, tire wear synchronous operation when it is possible, parked a few months, the tire is made of rubber, long exposed to the outside easy to aging, long-term one point bearing a lot of pressure put in place long-term, when compared to open up even faster tire damage.

If users are in a dispute during repair, you can call 58836060

Guidance Center to repair our vehicle maintenance management at the complaint. If users are in motion the process broke down, or the sudden failure will not start, you can call 96196 for repair rescue.

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