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Parts need to enhance the core competitiveness of the top design

The automobile industry chain is very long, related to the industry is also very wide, it is a comprehensive reflection of a country's level of industrialization. Independent auto parts industry, as China's automotive industry is the most important part, with its mention of the "political research" integrated development, the establishment of general advice auto parts innovation special support funds, as on the vehicle, parts and related basic industries globally planning, to design and development policies of independent parts industry from the height of the national strategy. I think that the development of automobile and parts industry practice to learn the Korean government and the people must protect and support the national automobile and parts manufacturers, and Chinese national auto industry have hope.

National Federation of the "own-brand automotive parts about upgrading the competitiveness of proposal" submitted to two sessions is very good, but the recommendations are basically platitudes, saying only that the phenomenon is not deeply touched the Chinese national auto industry behind root causes. If you have that kind of Chinese football reform, China's auto and auto parts industry will have more opportunities.

Ni Wei, vice president of ASIMCO Technologies Limited: I hope that the government force to promote the healthy development of industry

There are many members of the previous two sessions mentioned proposal for upgrading the competitiveness of the independent automotive parts, these proposals are nothing more than recommendations, the lack of actual operability. From conception, the starting point for the National Federation is a good, but personally think that the proposal landing difficult.

To change the current status of China's auto parts needed awareness at the national level and to take effective action landing. In fact, in association with China, chambers of commerce, associations, federations and other organizations, most observers and commentators as a peripheral industrial development. R & D investment is still insufficient at this stage of China's domestic auto parts enterprises short board, the future you want to enter the international OEMs supporting the market, increase investment in research is the way we must be. But as independent brand auto parts enterprises itself, does not change the ability of the auto parts industry status quo. Therefore, it must, through political means, only the government has the ability to open up and down, mobilize resources in order to promote the healthy development of autonomous vehicle parts industry.

Deputy Secretary General of China Association of Automobile Manufacturers Yesheng Ji: automobile companies to "pull a" autonomous parts enterprises

I think the proposal "to enhance their own brands on the competitiveness of auto parts proposal" and the development of the National Federation of auto parts well, consistent with the idea of our association. If these recommendations can be implemented, it will promote the development of China's auto parts makes sense.

The healthy development of its own brand of auto parts is not a simple question. We all know that China is inseparable from the powerful auto industry bigger and stronger automotive parts industry. Without a strong independent parts brand, there will be a strong independent vehicle brands.

Currently state support for basic automotive parts no. I think it should be encouraged to automobile companies to use more independent auto parts. After years of development, independent auto parts has a certain basis, hoping automobile companies able to "pull one." Of course, the state policy should be given a certain inclination, such as automobile companies use independent auto parts, give tax and other incentives in its research and development costs, enhance vehicle business enthusiasm; to be able to purchase independent parts producer. key and core components of the automobile companies, the state should be given special support.

Shaanxi Fast public Propaganda Minister Wang Rong: continuous technological innovation to grasp core technology

For an independent auto parts businesses, how to enhance the core competitiveness of products, the core or ongoing technological innovation. First, we must accelerate the upgrading of products; secondly, the quality and performance of products to independent parts with the international advanced level; and third, in the industry have a certain competitiveness, keeping cost and price advantages of their own products. Do these three points, in order to maintain their own brands in the domestic and international market competitiveness. In recent years, increasing investment Fast technological innovation and product development, has invested 500 million yuan to establish a state-level enterprise technical centers, domestic first-class laboratory products, units and electromagnetic shielding laboratory, prototype center and proving ground , the introduction of Germany, the United States and many other world's most advanced research and development, trial production equipment, to create high-tech, high-performance automotive driveline products provide a strong support. Currently, new product sales accounted for Fast sales revenue of over 60%. In addition, the Fast is also highly concerned about the development process control, optimizing all aspects to ensure product advantages in cost and price.

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